Craps game is a fun game especially for first time players in the game. But before engaging in this classic casino game , a player must first learn the basic terminologies in craps so that they are at least informed about what is going on in the game.

First are the aces, which is a roll of two-fold dice. When the dice is rolled twice and both times showing a single dot, it is called an ace.

The second is the bidirectional eleven. Traders very much like this. When the player wagers a bidirectional 11, they are doing an eleven wager for the player and the dealer. It’s a good idea to give the traders a tip if you’re doing well in your game.

The third is any seven. This is dice that rolls the bet and if the craps shooter shoots a seven, the player wins. The wager pays the player to a four – one relationship. The edge of the casino is high on this bet since it is once the dice rolls the bet.

The fourth is the big six. This wager can be found in the lower part of the arrangement. It’s called a big six because the betting space has a big six.

The Fifth is the eight great ones. It’s the same as the big six but of course you’re not eight. The player will win if he craps the shooter betters eight but will lose when the shooter rolls a seven.

The Sixth is the big red color. This is another term for making a bet on the seven.

The seventh is bones. Bones simply means nuts.

Eight are black. This is another word for a $ 100 dollar check, which is also called a chip from the layman to the table.

The ninth is covered wagons. This is a rolling 12 – six – six on dice.

The tenth is Boxman. The boxman is the person who is sitting between the two dealers at the table. The Boxman makes sure that the payouts are correctly given to the players.

The eleventh is the boys. This term is slang for traders. It may sound the anti-female traders are called boys, but that’s because that there were a lot of male traders compared to female merchants back in the old days.

A player should learn that some craps techniques in the game beyond these terms so that they can increase the odds that they will win in the game. But knowing these few terms will make it easier to have fun at the table and not be lost when you start playing.

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